Do you need help installing the plugin?

Please take a look at the most common questions on this page first, you may already find the right answer there.

Basically, we cannot provide individual support for the installation and configuration of the plugin due to the high download rate, we ask for your understanding.

You can still send us a message and open a support ticket, especially if the plugin has a bug or an error.

Frequently asked qestions (FAQs)

See if you have activated your cookie hint under the settings. If so, have you activated a caching plugin? Clear your site’s cache or disable the caching plugin for testing.

Otherwise you may have seen the cookie hint the first time and already confirmed it? The cookie is then already saved with your settings and will not be displayed again. You can delete the cookies on your page in order to reissue the information for you.

The simpleCookie plugin automatically recognizes integrated map services like Google Maps or OpenStreetMap on your site and loads the content only after your visitors have agreed. Basically this case is not clearly defined in the EU GDPR. Cookies are not set here, but among other things the IP address is processed during use. If your map material is not automatically found and blocked, please find a GDPR compliant plugin for integration or contact our support.

For Google Fonts we recommend to integrate your Google Fonts locally and avoid the connection to Google’s servers.

Yes, partially. However, it is not always technically possible to automatically recognize all cookies and services on your website. All cookies and services that the WP simpleCookie plugin recognizes can be found in the analysis section of the plugin.

If you use the privacy generator in the simpleCookie plugin, a link is automatically generated above your privacy text, which allows your visitors to adjust their cookie settings at any time. Otherwise you can find this shortcode in the “Shortcodes” section of the simpleCookie Plugin and copy it into your privacy policy. This will create a link for on your website, which will show your cookie hint again. Your visitors can then revoke their agreement or change their settings at any time.

You will receive your license by email. If you have not received an e-mail from us, check your spam. Otherwise write to us at:

You can set additional scripts regardless of the existing selection and thus release them for approval. Use the default setting: “custom” under the category Cookies & Services. Since we are constantly expanding the plugin with more scripts and services, you can also tell us your wish by sending a mail to

Not at all, it lasts a lifetime and all updates are free.

We cannot answer that and give no guarantee for it. For more security, you need to contact a data protection officer or IT specialist lawyer, but these too do not currently have a 100% guarantee due to the not clearly defined legal situation. If you follow the instructions in the plugin, you are well prepared in any case.

If no other services and cookies are used on your site, nothing needs to be added at this point. The cookie notice automatically adjusts to the stored data. If no data is set, only a simple note with essential cookies is shown.

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