Robust, scalable and high quality software solutions

The company simplefox is a successful and independent software provider with well-known products in international use. The combined knowledge and comprehensive, consistent focus on quality is what makes simplefox stand out.

Our work is proof of our commitment to user-oriented solutions and a consistent focus on the future:

  • Well thought-out and future-oriented product development
  • Cloud-based software architecture for maximum reliability, security and availability
  • Simple representation and easy operation of technologically complex processes
  • GDPR compliant implementation of all data protection relevant components
  • Sophisticated and user-friendly documentation
  • Design-oriented design of the functionalities
  • Features close to the needs and requirements of the industries
  • High service quality
  • Fair and transparent pricing


Leif gained experience as a developer and system integrator and founded his first company during his studies in maths and engineering. He is an expert in the fields of computer science and business development and has strong experience as a manager and as a team leader.
During his studies in maths and computer science, Kjell specialized in software development and gained experience as Head of Development and CTO at multiple companies. He is a professional in the fields of software development, modeling and simulation of complex systems and manages international teams on an enterprise level.

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